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Thread: Double compare operation not assigned correctly

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    Double compare operation not assigned correctly

    This is my first thread so bear with me...

    I have a comparison operation between two doubles:
    1.	double lowX=  low.X // value is 2800000.000
    2.	double highX=  high.X // value is 2872000.000
    3.	bool result  = lowX <= highX // result false.   
    4.	result  = lowX <= highX // result true.
    And no matter what is the value of the doubles the result is false.
    Now the weird part is that if I use a VS7 immediate window and evalute "lowX <= highX" the result is true.
    If I have a break point and move the running line (yellow arrow) for the SECOND time on line 3 it also becomes true.
    I think that result is the first bool assignment in the code because other bool operation in later parts of the code works just fine.
    I am afraid there is something wrong with the stack. (Maybe the result doesn't really assigned to the bool result), But have no clue how to approach it.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Double compare operation not assigned correctly

    your code is incomplete. What type is low.X and high.X? This code below compiles and returns the expected results:

    	double lowX=  2800000.000;
    	double highX=  2872000.000;
    	bool result = lowX <= highX;  //true
    	result = lowX <= highX;  //true
    	result = highX <= lowX;  //false
    Please include exact code that cause your behavior. what you've posted works fine.

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    Re: Double compare operation not assigned correctly

    low and high are essentially
    struct point
         double x;
         double y;
    I will try to post the complete code
    but the general idea is like this

    box::box(const point low, const point high)
    	ASSERT(low.x <= high.x);
    	ASSERT(low.y <= high.y);
    While I checked the problem i broke it down to my previous post...

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