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Thread: Looking for programmer(s) for project

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    Looking for programmer(s) for project

    I am aiming to create a 3D game engine which supports OpenGL. For now I am looking for programmers who can work with C++, SDL + OpenGL, OOP. Would be a bonus to know Javascript to some extent.

    I hope, after the main engine is functional, to build Render Systems for DX9 & 10, and try to develop compilers for all three consoles.

    I intend to create a game creator package which makes building 3d games incredibly simple.

    I have been experimenting with a few different methods and doing research on good ways to embark upon this project.

    This is currently non paid but may eventually become commercial.

    Message me if you'd like more information on the project. I will outline the Game Creation package and my current vision of how the engine should function.

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    Re: Looking for programmer(s) for project

    What is your role on this project? IOW, what talents do you have, what will you contribute towards this game? Are you an artist, designer, a programmer?

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    Re: Looking for programmer(s) for project

    First to quickly clarify: This isn't a project to make a game. It is a project to make a Game Creator, designed to be as simple as possible to use. It will run the games it creates through the 3D engine I am creating to run along side it. I want this engine to be as efficient as possible, whilst also displaying good graphics.

    I came up with the idea a few months ago and have been bringing together information and testing and getting to know many different libraries which I could use to make this project a reality.

    I have a relatively solid foundation in C++ and OOP but am entirely self taught.

    I started out making games 8 years ago as a complete non-programmer. I used a piece of software that allowed for creating 2D games for a few years before learning any programming that wasn't related to web design.

    From my experience as (what I was back then) a non programmer wanting to make games easily, and my experience with the software I used back then, I came up with the idea to make this project.

    I bring a massive amount of ideas to this project and have tried to outline most of the core components which need to be built to make this engine functional.

    I hope I can find somebody out there who is interested in this idea. There are a lot of people out there looking for easy ways to make games, this could be a great solution.

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