Hi, i am in a C++ Programming class and i am taking it online and i am not learning anything at all. We are suppose to create a program for a grocery store system and i don't even know where to begin. I understand cout and cin and all that but we need to tell the customer how much apples are and how much oranges are. Then we need to ask them how many apples/oranges they would like. And that's where i am stuck at, i know how to ask them but i don't know how to times the amount of apples by the price and same thing with the oranges.

This is what my project is telling me to do.

For this project, create a grocery store system. Users of the system can choose how many items
they want to buy and then are told how much they owe. Users will have the option of buying
apples and oranges. Here are some parameters that your program should include:
∑ Program should ask users how many apples and oranges they want to buy.
∑ Apples cost $1.00 and Oranges cost $1.50.
∑ Todayís Special! Apples are 2 for 1. Buy one get one free! (1 apple = $1.00, 2 apples =
$1.00, 3 apples = $2.00, 4 apples = $2.00, etc.)
∑ Another Special! How ever many oranges you buy will give you the same number of
percentage off your total bill. (If you buy 10 oranges you get 10% off your total bill. ) (For
now, ask the user to enter a number between 1 and 100. If they donít the numbers will
not make sense. Later we will learn how to capture user input errors.
∑ If you have bought 2 apples = $1.00 and 10 oranges = $15.00 your total bill would be
$16.00. But you get 10% off! (use percentage/100*amount = discount amount) 10% of
$16.00 = (10/100) * 16.00 = $1.60 discount. Total bill = $16.00 - $1.60 = $14.40
∑ Your program should tell the user how much they owe.


I'm not asking for anyone to write me the code, all i am asking is for some help on what do i need to type in the code so however many apples they want will be times by the price and same thing with the oranges.

I'm sorry if this is asking for too much but i can't really find any website that can help me.

Any help is appreciated.