I'm doing a coursework project using Visual Basic 6, and I simply can't get the Login form to work. On my tutpor's reccomendation, I'm using an Adodc controller with the Jet 4.0 engine to connect to a database containing usernames, passwords and access levels for users. The connection works fine and I've tested it out, but I'm getting Runtime Error 91 every time I run the Logon form. Here's the code I'm using:

Private Sub Cancel_Button_Click()

    Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub Login_Button_Click()

    'Runtime 91 Error happens on the Line Below
    If (Adodc1.Recordset(0) = txtUserName.Text And Adodc1.Recordset(1) = txtPassword.Text) Then
        Unload Me


        msgError.Caption = "Username or Password Incorrect"

    End If

End Sub
Any advice would be appreciated!