Problem in thread.
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Thread: Problem in thread.

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    Question Problem in thread.

    Is there any way possible in a windows application
    project to kill the default current thread of the project
    and run a new thread and then relate the project to

    My case scenario:-
    I have a startup form. In its Load event I want to kill
    the current thread, create a new thread and run the
    project through the new thread. This'll be applicable
    in closing the startup form and open another form.
    When I run, the new thread is being created,
    everything is ok. But as soon as the default/current
    thread is being killed the application is closing down.
    How can I tackle this? Provided, I don't want to hide
    the startup form or stuffs like that.
    Plz help. Regards.

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    Re: Problem in thread.

    Why would you want to do this? If you kill the main thread, the application will close. I don't know how you could expect different behavior. Maybe if you tell us what you are trying to accomplish we can propose an alternative method for you.

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    Re: Problem in thread.

    Here's what i want to do. As we have seen, if u try to treat a startup form as a splash form and try to close it and goto the 2nd form the application closes down. If u try to do this by writing the following code in the startup form:

    It'll give an error message something like 'More than one message cann't be passed/processed through a single thread. Try using frm2ndForm.ShowDialog();'. Keeping this in mind I'm trying to close the initial thread in which frmStartup is running, create and run a new thread and then open frm2ndForm from it. Hope u understand. Looking forward 4 ur reply. Thanx.

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    Re: Problem in thread.

    Simply just 'show' you splash form and after it run your main form


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