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    C#, C++/CLI and Visual Studio 2008

    So I've been working on writing a C++/CLI wrapper around an unmanaged library. I've now got that working, but only on the command line, and I was hoping to get some quick help on how to get this all working in Visual Studio 2008.

    I have the following files:

    MyWrapper.dll is compiled from C++/CLI code, MyUnmanagedLibrary.lib is compiled from unmanaged C code and TestProgram.cs is a C# program which calls functions defined in MyWrapper.dll

    When I compile this code at the command line the following two commands are executed.
    $ csc TestProgram.cs /r:MyWrapper.dll
    $ mt /manifest MyWrapper.dll.manifest /outputresource:TestProgram.exe

    Which produces TestProgram.exe

    I'd like to know how I would go about importing this into, or creating, a Visual Studio 2008 project.

    Any and all advice is very much appreciated.

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    Re: C#, C++/CLI and Visual Studio 2008

    If TestProgram.cs contains text for Console application (function main), create new C# project of type "Console Application". Paste code from TestProgram.cs to the file generated by Application Wizard. In the Solution Explorer, open References, right-click and select "Add Reference". Add reference to MyWrapper.dll. Compile and run the program.

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