Hi there,

I have a Crystal report (used by a VB.NET application) which was working very well, until we had to change all of its fonts to Myriad Pro. Since them, although still being able to see the report, I have the "Operation not yet Implemented" error, ONLY when trying to export to PDF - no problem when exporting to any other format (.DOC, .RTF, .XLS).

Other test that I've made was creating a blank report in Crystal Reports, inserting a text field and then trying to export directly from Crystal Reports. If the font used is Myriad Pro, the error message "Failed to export the report" comes up - again, if I change the font or pick up another format to export to, everything just works as expected.

By the way, I used both versions 9 and 10 of Crystal to make these tests.

Thanks in advance,