Preset text for cin
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Thread: Preset text for cin

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    Preset text for cin

    How can you preset suggested text for a cin?


    cout<<"Old value is: "<<oldVal<<" New value: ";

    So the user sees:

    Old value is: Sam New value: Sam

    So, in this made-up scenario the user can just hit the Enter key to keep the existing value.

    Is this even possible?

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    Re: Preset text for cin

    Not possible using standard libraries only. If you go for platform-specific libraries, there is probably a way.

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    Re: Preset text for cin

    No, but you could wrap the concept into a function template

    This is untested pseudo code, just to illustrate

    template<T> GetValueWithDefault( T &o, T &n )
      T newVal;
      cout<<"Old value is: "<< o <<" New value: ";
      cin >> newVal;
      if ( IsNull( newVal ) ) 
            newVal = o;
            cout << o;
    This code assumes you have an overload for a function IsNull which can evaluate any type T for "no entry" from cin.

    The idea is simply to provide a function that takes the input, checks to see if nothing was entered, and output the default provided. Many variations on the theme are possible.
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