We are looking for developers to join a fresh mmorpg server project and work alongside the current MySQL database project.

Base Code

All code will be in C/C++ (with SQL support). We will be basing the code off a current mmorpg server project 'MaNGOS' Due to their clean and professionally maintained code it will be the best base for the project. The system(s) we will be running the mmorpg server on will be Debian Linux using MySQL to serve its database.

Here are some more details of the current state of the project:

* The core is written in C/C++,
* Database back ends of choice are MySQL and PostgreSQL,
* Shell scripts used to spice up development,
* All code documented using Doxygen,
* Supporting compilation/use on Windows and near any system with GCC 4.3,
* Supporting ACE Network Tools,
* Supports Server Scripting in C++ and SQL

Regarding source code hosting, The project leader will pick, after discussion from Subversion, Mercurial or Git. The repository and project will be closed source/private with plans not to release the source code in the future (Depending on circumstances).


I am currently the leader of the Database development team. merging with Unified DB until our team expands, We are managing to produce a close to replica of the official database (content wise) with myself and 1 of the developers working near 24/7 on the database itself.


As the projects grows donations will be distributed between the development team. We are receiving enough donations to cover the costs of leasing 4 dedicated server to run the community on (2 game servers, 1 bind & mail server and 1 web server) With development fast tracked in the right direction, just google WoWscape for a estimation on how big a project like this can get.


I want to get the team off the ground, and will function as team leader. In total the team is going to need 2-4 programmers that will work actively on developing the source code. If anyone is interested in joining this project then please send me a e-mail (via my profile here) and I will replay asap. We are looking at getting the project off the ground in 4 weeks.