I have a User control with a label on it. If I raise a user control click event from the label it works fine. If I raise a user control dblclick event from the label it works fine. If I raise both user control events from their respective label events, then I only receive the click event. If I fire off a msgbox from the user control click event and another from the dblclick event then when I double click the label at runtime I get the msgbox for the click event and a quick flash of the msgbox indicating that a second click event was raised.

I assume this is a timing issue, and I have attempted (albeit unsuccessfully) to implement a click count routine in conjunction with a timer control, but even if it had worked it seems like a cludge anyway.

So for the sake of learning, hypothetically what if I needed the ability to have MouseUp, MouseDown, Click and Doubleclick events? Even my Mouse up and mousedown events are superseded by the click event.

Any help would be appreciated.