Is it Possible to get the "Index Value" or position from an Enum?

There are no apparent properties of a defined ENUM only the individual elements. I know I can assign my Enum Values to an Array (one by one) and index through Them, but I was hoping to be able to directly access the elements of the Enum by index.

Optionally is there a nice clean way to assign the Enum to an Array?

Regardless of the Array Style (Dynamic / Static) ,Variable Type, or initialization state I can't seem to be able to assign the values without Looping Through each element. I've tried assigning the array to the Enum definition and a defined variable of the enum. Nothing works, which then of course makes me question the value of the Enum over individual constant declarations, aside from the Intellisense popups. So I come back to the conclusion that I'm missing something in regards to Enum usage. Any insight would be appreciated.