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    Manipulate Table Data...?


    Im learning C# lately. Im working right now on a project that should help me learn some new stuff about C# programming...

    I'm programming a simple accounting software, that can be used by small businesses, especially by small shops. This software should register products, it will have a form to sell them and pay bills, a form to use for furnishing, and will also make reports and such stuff...

    I made the register form, but now I'm having some problems with furnishing form.
    For example, when the store owner buy some products (furnish his store with products) I want to register them on furnishing form, but he will be able to register these products only if they're registered first in the Registering Form... In the furnishing form he will only need to enter the product Barcode and the Quantity, and these automatically will be added to the database (furnishing table) and the other details for the product will be taken from the other table (registering table)...

    I usually use LINQ's to take a row from a table, for example, a row where given barcode match, but i dont know how to take a specific cell from that row, and send (or add) the data to another cell on another table...

    Hope u can understand what im asking ... Im sorry for my bad English...

    Hope ill find some help too..

    thnx a lot...

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    Re: Manipulate Table Data...?

    Since I have no reply on my question, I though maybe it will be better if I make the question simpler and more detailed...

    OK.. here is an image how the Furnishing form will be ...

    Since the names are not in English, i wrote a translate for some important Columns.

    The DataGrid that ur seeing is connected with Furnishing table, and will show records from that table...

    I want that the user to enter a barcode in the textbox, and the quantity for that product and then when he click add, the Registering Table (the table where products are registered) will be checked, if there is a Barcode Match, the product details from the register table will be taken and will be insterted to specifik columns on Furnishing table, the quantity that is entered on textbox will be insterted at the Quantity column on the Furnishing table... and the columns Date will be the actual date...

    I just have no idea how to do this right now...

    Hope ill get some help now...

    or maybe u just can tell me what to use to accomplish this, should I do this using LINQs, or ADO.net, if someone can refer me a book or tutorials it will be really cool...

    thnx a lot
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    Re: Manipulate Table Data...?

    come on... does any1 know how to take a cell in a table and put it to another table..

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