I am new to TPTP and I am trying to setup on Eclipse I have my application on Remote Tomcat server which is not using eclipse.

I have installed TPTP V4.4 manually following the instructions

I downloaded agntctrl.win_ia32-TPTP-4.6.0 Agent controller and installed on my remote tomcat machine. I have followed the instructions give.

My JAVA_HOME is set to JRE 1.6

I have installed the tomcat service on windows server 2003.

In service.bat file I have the following to JVM OPTINS

"%EXECUTABLE%" //US//%SERVICE_NAME% --JvmOptions "-XrunpiAgent:server=enabled;

Now I tried to connect to Agent Controller from my local eclipse3.3.11

I did test connection and it was successful

So when I clicked on Agent tab I dont see any agents.

What am I missing here?

Can anyone please help me?