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Thread: Generate AutoNumber

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    Generate AutoNumber

    Public Function AutoNum(tbl As String, fld As String, frmat As String, midStart As Integer) As String
    Dim AutoNumRec As New ADODB.Recordset
        AutoNumRec.Open "Select " & fld & " from " & tbl & " order by " & fld, con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
        Dim NNum As String
        Dim LNum As Integer
        If Not AutoNumRec.EOF Then
            LNum = Val(Mid(AutoNumRec.Fields(fld), midStart))
            NNum = frmat & Format(LNum + 1, "0000")
            NNum = frmat & "0001"
        End If
        AutoNum = NNum
    End Function
    Does anyone knows how to Generate Autonumber in C#? I'm using this one but on VB6 can anyone can convert this into C#, Thanks

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    Re: Generate AutoNumber

    doesn't the table create the auto number for you?

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    Re: Generate AutoNumber

    No I haven't set it to Autonumber, and I wanted to have a customized autonumbering.

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    Re: Generate AutoNumber

    Quote Originally Posted by jorjie View Post
    No I haven't set it to Autonumber, and I wanted to have a customized autonumbering.
    Sorry, but it's the wrong way to approach it
    AutoNumber fields in databases are there for a reason

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    Re: Generate AutoNumber

    Try this one

    	using System.Data.SqlClient; 	
    	public String AutoNum (String tbl, String fld, String frmat, int midStart)
    		String mSql = String.Concat("Select " , fld , " from " , tbl , " order by " , fld );
            	SqlDataAdapter tAd = new SqlDataAdapter(mSql, myCon.Connection);
    	        DataSet tDs = new DataSet();
            	tAd.Fill(tDs, "AUTONUM");
    		int mCount = tDs.Table["AUTONUM"].Rows.Count;
    		String tNo;
    		if (mCount > 0)
    		{	tNo = tDs.Table["AUTONUM"].Rows[mCount-1][fld].ToString();
    			tNo = tNo.Substring(midStart);
    			tNo = tNo.PadLeft(4, '0');
    			tNo = '0001';	 
            	return tNo;
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