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    executing sql statement with a non closed executereader.

    hello all,

    i have app that connects to a mysql db.
    i get data from the db with executereader.
    but i want to execute some sql depending on the result from a other db.
    but i get a error when doing ExecuteNonQuery() when the reader is still open.

    what's the best solution for this...

    Here's a part of my code where the problem occures.

            tracecom.CommandText = "select * from testsms left join customer on customer.id=testsms.id where date_sub(now(),interval 1 minute) > testsend"
            tracerd = tracecom.ExecuteReader()
            If tracerd.HasRows Then
                While tracerd.Read
                    If tracerd("retries") = 0 Then
                        'first time resend message
                        addlog(Now() + " Resent test sms for: " + tracerd("login"))
                        tracecom.CommandText = "UPDATE testsms SET retries=retries+1 Where id=" + CStr(tracerd("id"))
                        'second time offender
                        '**** send owner a message about the fail.
                        addlog(Now() + " Fail on testsms for : " + tracerd("login"))
                        tracecom.CommandText = "UPDATE customer SET lasttestresult=0 Where id=" + CStr(tracerd("id"))
                        tracecom.CommandText = "DELETE FROM testsms WHERE id=" + CInt(tracerd("id"))
                    End If
                End While
            End If

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    Re: executing sql statement with a non closed executereader.

    rd2 or tracecom2 ?

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    Re: executing sql statement with a non closed executereader.

    Have you tried using 2 objects? One for the reader and a different one for you updates or whatever sql you want to execute? It seems like the error is likely due to the fact that both your reader and your sql commands are working on the tracecom object.

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    Re: executing sql statement with a non closed executereader.

    As MARS (Multiple Active Resultsets) is not available with MYSQl, you will have to use two different connections to perform an operation while a datareader is open. or else you will first have to close the datareader and then execute another query.

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    Re: executing sql statement with a non closed executereader.

    ok thanks.

    will use a second connection for the updates..
    i was thinking it would be possible within one connection...

    but no prob then..

    thanks again.

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