Kaltura, developer of the open source online video and rich-media management platform, is announcing 3 developer challenges with great gadget and cash prizes!
http://kaltura.org/frenzy .
There are three challenges –
o KalturaCE Deployments - Community Choice Challenge (http://www.kaltura.org/frenzy-challenge-1)
Develop your own video website using KalturaCE (http://www.kaltura.org/project/kalturaCE, The self-hosted open source video and rich-media management platform) – get the most votes and win an IPhone3GS!
o Create a Kaltura-based media and video management extension for a CMS, LMS or an ECM (http://www.kaltura.org/frenzy-challenge-2)
Develop an extension for a content management system (like Drupal, Elgg, MediaWiki, Plone, Moodle…) – and get funding up to $5000 cash! – Every submission wins!
o Freestyle it! (http://www.kaltura.org/frenzy-challenge-3)
Develop whatever your heart desires as long as it’s related to video. You can win a WII, and even get the opportunity to monetize on your application!

Don't miss this opportunity – register for the challenge today! -> http://kaltura.org/frenzy
On October 20th - Competition closes and voting continues.
November 10th - Winners will be announced at a Kaltura Meetup.

.NET C# / PHP / ActionScript3 / Flex Developer?
Use the Kaltura Client Library in your programming language to create amazing interactive video applications based on Kaltura!

Working on a CMS project (like Drupal or Elgg) and looking for a video and rich-media solution?
See KalturaCE (http://www.kaltura.org/project/kalturaCE), Create an extension – and win a grant of up to $5000!