I'm interested is this a known behaviour or a problem?

[subject: PocketPC application .Net CF 2.0]

I have a Form in which have to hold a lot of controls (mostly Labels) and for that reason I put all of them in a panel which I'll scroll verticaly. This panel shows about 1/5th of controls on screen (PocetPC 240x268 px). I have only one ListBox to use with 4 visible lines, vertical scrollbar only and must contain depend of collected data around 6-10 items. Of course this ListBox is located in mentioned panel that has also only a vertical scrollbar. The problem rise when I scroll panel then scrollbar of the ListBox flickingly scrolls before all of controls start to move up or down on screen and moved outside of his layout (ListBox layout). Is there one seen this behaviour of ListBox scrollbar? Any solutions will be appreciated.

Same version of the Form on Desktop computer (windows xp) work perfectly.