To give a quick background, I have 13 years in the industry, but am a fairly new .Net programmer and absolute novice Crystal Report developer. I work for the local public school sytem, and we are set up so that our teachers select which test to give the students and print out the answer sheets online. This is done using ASP.net, Visual Studio 2005. The answer sheets are developed using Crystal Reports, which displays to the teachers in exported PDF format. Once the test is taken, the answer sheets are scanned into a printer, automatically graded, and stored in our database.

The problem we are having is this: the portion of the software that grades the answer sheet expects all the bubbles to be in an exact location on the page. The newer versions of Acrobat have modified the default print setting for Page Scaling to be 'Fit to Printable Area.' We need it to be set to None.

Does anybody know if you can programmatically modify the print settings of a PDF file through Crystal Reporting? I've researched this as well as I can and can't find anything concrete. The best option I have found so far is using the PDF SDK, but it is confusing me. It's great at saying what it can do, but lousy and providing examples or step by step instructions on how to implement.

My head hurts. If somebody could steer me in the right direction, I would be so appreciative. My boss would be apreciative. My peers would be appreciative. The teachers, also, would be appreciative. The students, however, probably notsomuch