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    Visual Studio. Debug. Copying large vectors to spreadsheet


    I am debugging a code. In this task, I would like to copy the values of a large vector to a spreadsheet, to be able to analyze it, in different steps of the program. So I put a breakpoint, clicked "Add watch" to the vector, and looked it in the "Watch" window. The problem is that I have to expand several "trees" (*), which takes my a long time. So I would like to know if there is a tool that allows you to copy directly the entire vector, or if you recommend me another solution.

    (*) By "trees", I mean those "+" signs that you have to click (or press the right arrow "->"), to open, and to be able to see the content of the vector.


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    Re: Visual Studio. Debug. Copying large vectors to spreadsheet

    If you can modify the code a little bit, I would add a function that dumps the vector into a csv file and then open that with Excel. It means that you will have to add the function call to those places where you need to debug the vector though.
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    Re: Visual Studio. Debug. Copying large vectors to spreadsheet

    Thank you, that is much faster.

    Anyway, if someone knows a way to copy a vector without expanding one by one the trees, it would be useful to know how to do it.

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