I am an Electronic Engineer. Previously, I have an experience of using Visual C++ 6.0(Visual studio). Again I wanted to develop a new project for serial printing application from a processor. By the way, i have gone through web and decide to use Visual C++.Net 2008 for this application. By using MSDN, I have created a WINDOWS FORM Application(unless MFC Application) GUI. But now it feels, all the codes are unfamiliar to me(in which I have used in older version). especially afxMessageBox,CString,CStringList, fstream etc. are not working

And MSDN examples also some what feels difficult . Here nobody else having previous experince on using dotnet.
Plz give me some guidelines that. whether this problem is bcoz of any missing namespace? Or the codes are of different stream than VC++6.0 MFC Application?

I need a simple GUI of only one Dialog Box Which having some text Boxes,List Box, Buttons etc. should I prefer it, for theMFC Application in dot net or the Windows form(which i had choosed already)?