How to Select different Printer for different document?
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Thread: How to Select different Printer for different document?

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    How to Select different Printer for different document?

    I am writing a web-based system with java. There are some labels and reports printing. Each requires different printers which are connected to the same client computer.

    How could I set so that, when I "Print Doc A", document A would print to printer A, and "Print Doc B" button, document B would print to printer B.

    The URL for both documents are different. Doc A is on and Doc b is on

    info: It is a web-based system used within a lan. So each user use the system with a fixed computer.

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    Re: How to Select different Printer for different document?

    You can get an array of the visible printers via PrintServiceLookup. Then you can set the selected printer for the print job:
    PrintService[] printServices=PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices(null, null);
    ... // select print service
    If the code is running on the server and the printers are strictly local to the client (not visible to the server), I guess you'd have to let the client choose via their browser.

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