I've been using this tutorial to build an XNA Engine. I've essentially been just copying the files by typing it out and learning how things are connected in XNA. So far, I've been doing this quite well by using ExamDiff to figure out what is wrong with my project compared to his. Now I've run up against a wall and I can't figure out what the differences are between our files. The problem is that in his world when boxes are drawn, they have a blue texture on it, whereas my project just draws white boxes.

I've included both projects. My project is Evolution Engine, his is Innovation Engine. I've narrowed down that something is wrong with TestEnvironment, because when I put his TestEnvironment in my solution and change around the References, it starts to work. To see what is happening, put a break in Actor.cs line 44 and IEContentManager.cs at line 27.

There is an extra project in there called IEModelProcessor which overloads a method in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Processors.ModelProcessor in order to set the model.mesh.MeshParts.ModelMeshPart.Tag, but in my project it is always null.

So Am I missing a reference or something in TestEnvironment, Cause I can't figure this out?

(Hope rapidshare is kosher in this forum. Couldn't find any rules against it.)