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Thread: Adding Icon to Listview

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    Adding Icon to Listview

    Hello ,

    hello I need to set a different PNG image (with transparency ) from file for every item I add in a listview

    I tried to add the items as follows


    but it provides imageindex rather than Icon or Image as param... ()

    Since, I have my image for each item on disk.. so I was hoping to add the items in the list by creating listviewitem and then adding image to it and then adding this to listview..

    ListViewItem lvItem = new ListViewItem()

    // set lvitem's name etc

    //load my image from file

    myImage = new Bitmap(@"image path here");

    // but ImageList is null at this point ??? I dont understand whats going on..


    Please help, this might be a very basic thing but I havent worked on C# before


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    Re: Adding Icon to Listview

    This isn't exact, but close. Check out http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/For...f-caebf3b1c10f

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