Hi Community

I started reading this tutorial and came pretty far. I am working with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 (both professional versions). My question is not about the tutorial. It is more about what follows. I was able to rewrite and build the example project. Registering the object does also work, but I am not able to add a reference to the COM object through Visual Studio! I already tried to download the demo project from the page and run the setup.bat file, but no chance - The libary simply does not want to appear in the Visual Studio reference explorer (under the COM tab). I already thought this is because of my operating system (I am using Vista x64 Business). All HKCR Entries go to "Wow6432Node" there, but as far as google told me this should be ok.

I realy do not know what could cause the problem. Would be cool if you can help me

Thanks in advance,
- Carsten.