Here's a simple question regarding arrays that I probably ought to know...

If I have a 2-dimensional, 10 by 50, integar array, and another one-dimensional integar array

int x[10][50];
int y[50];
How can I assign one of the arrays in x, to be equal to y?

For example, say y has been filled with a load of values, and I now want to assign the fifth array (of the first dimension) of x to be equal to the y array. I want to set x[5][0], x[5][1], x[5][2] ... x[5][50] to be equal to y[0], y[1], y[2] ... y[50]

I know that I could do this by using a loop and setting every element individually, but is there a way of doing this all at once?

Something like this:

x[5] = y;

x[5][] = y;
But neither of these work....

Any ideas?