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Thread: How to compile one project in Release in a Debug solution

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    [SOLVED] How to compile one project in Release in a Debug solution

    Hello all,

    My solution is made up of several different projects. I want to be able to compile one of these projects in Release all the time, even if the global configuration and all the other projects are in Debug.

    (If you're wondering, my application has some time-critical constraints. We sometimes need to use the Debug version to get more information/traces when reproducing specific problems. But one particular project in the solution -- the SQLite library -- is so slow when compiled in Debug that it causes more problems itself because of the time constraints. Since I trust that SQLite is fairly well debugged already, I see no need to compile it in Debug anyway.)

    When linking, here are the errors/warning I get:
    Warning	1	warning LNK4075: ' /EDITANDCONTINUE' ignoré à cause de la spécification '/INCREMENTAL:NO'	classes_log.lib	
    Error	2	error LNK2005: _calloc déjà défini(e) dans libcmtd.lib(dbgheap.obj)	LIBCMT.lib	
    Warning	3	warning LNK4098: conflit entre la bibliothèque par défaut 'LIBCMT' et les autres bibliothèques*; utilisez /NODEFAULTLIB:library	classes_dhm	
    Error	4	fatal error LNK1169: un ou plusieurs symboles définis à différentes reprises ont été rencontrés	S:\output\DMU.exe	1
    The messages are in French but the error codes LNKxxxx should be the same.

    Any help in getting rid of these errors would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for my broken English. If I wasn't clear, or if you need more info, please ask!
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    Re: How to compile one project in Release in a Debug solution

    Build that project in a separate solution, and simply link in the resulting library like you would any other.

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    Re: How to compile one project in Release in a Debug solution

    Actually, I just added libcmt.lib to the ignored libraries in the linker input, and it works like a charm. Thanks anyway!

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