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Thread: GetVieldValue() with Empty Filed

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    GetVieldValue() with Empty Filed

    i tried to built aplication using Visual C++ 6.0, ODBC, CRecordset.

    i have an error code caused GetFieldValue function did not support the Empty Set.

    any solution ??

    thanks for every thinks,,,,

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    Re: GetVieldValue() with Empty Filed

    1. "Empty" or Null?
    2.Show your actual code producing error. What error?
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: GetVieldValue() with Empty Filed

    Here is the MSDN reference for the documentation of the method.
    From what u have posted here it seems that ur recordset is null. Or u might be passing an null reference to one of the overloads of GetFieldValue() method here. Another mistake that is commonly made with this method is, passing of the wrong parameters altogether. I mean, make sure you are passing the correct name or index for the field. Some times the index and the data types won't match. Make sure to put the database connection open and close code in try...catch block.

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    Re: GetVieldValue() with Empty Filed

    thanks for your reply....

    i solved my problem. .

    1. its empty record

    i use getrecordcount() to solve it, i use if (record > 0) then........

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