How to generate Barcode in c++?
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Thread: How to generate Barcode in c++?

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    How to generate Barcode in c++?


    I''m searching for an barcode generator on internet, but I can't find a example of how it works
    can somebody help me with this?



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    Re: How to generate Barcode in c++?

    First beware, there are several kinds of barcodes. I like "3 of 9" (or 39) because it is simple.

    You can

    - draw black rectangles (with Rectangle() API) following the standards of the barcode, which is something that is not very difficult to do.

    - write text (using DrawText() or ExtTextOut() API) using a font for barcodes (with CreateFont(), SelectFont() API). Free true type fonts for barcodes are easy to find and to download from the internet.

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    Re: How to generate Barcode in c++?

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