my problem is, that I have to compile a few programs with VS2005 and other programs with Watcom (OpenWatcom to be exact). A lot of DLLs, most of them with stdcall calling convention.

Watcom is exporting all functions twice, as the dependency walker shows:

Function               EntryPoint
_grafixLibFileInfo@4   0x000010A7
grafixLibFileInfo      0x000010A7
Visual Studio is exporting the functions only once
Function               EntryPoint
_grafixLibFileInfo@4   0x00011267
I'm using

#define	DLL_EXPORT	__declspec(dllexport) __stdcall
long  DLL_EXPORT grafikLibFileInfo(struct GRAFLIBFILE *gLibFile)
no def file

Is there any chance, to export the functions like Watcom does?

Otherwise I have to change all the GetProcAddress calls from e.g.
grafixLibFileInfo to _grafixLibFileInfo@4

Thanks in advance