Hello, my name is Leo and I need to know if i can use ajax to do the following

i connect my mobile to my computer. i launch an app on my computer. i enter my login info. i click connect and i see "Connecting..." <= What happens is that the application connects to my mobile and retrieves a list of pictures from my picture AND retrieves a list from a webserver. left column is webserver list. right column is mobile list. column in between tells me if they match or not. if they dont match i click on update and the pic from the webserver that doesnt match the one in my phone will be downloaded to my phone. The criteria for deciding if they match or not is DATE MODIFIED. nothing related to image processing. just a tag. Obviously the older one will b replaced with the latest copy.
Also, this application will allow me to browse through the list of pidcs i have in my cellphone, sort them, and search.
This leads to my guess that my mobile will have to have some application with a directory of its own that will store these pics in it. they shouldnt b in the images section of a cellphone where ur pics get stored in when you take a pic or recieve one. UNLESS my app can access that public section and only show me pics with particular tags or file extensions.
Which brings me to my final function. The mobile app i just mentioned should also allow me to browse, sort, and search for my business cards without connecting it to the pc and doing it from the pc. Also, i should b able to send pics from my cell to someone else's cell who obviously will have to b using the same app as mine.

Can I do this with ajax? If not or if i need programming languages to do this, can u plz provide me with some guidelines? thank you.