Few issues:

1. The article submission system is still bad. The interface is designed like to be used in Mobile, and not on 17-22inch monitors.

2. The font used to display the article is very small. The ads are occupying more space, are of bigger font sizes.

3. The Article rating system makes no sense. No way to find out how many people have rated, how many times viewed et. al.

4. The article search is pathetic (as commented by many). Article search is done by search.internet.com, and gives redundant information (if correct article found by mistake!)

5. The comments area forces to view in different page, and not in same page. Puts many members away from it.

6. The article categories (to browse) are still stone age! Look at the 'Codeguru Navigation' in home page. Where are the new technologies??

7. The articles summary page does not show what technologies are used. It shows only when you open the article itself.

8. There is no easy navigation of some category.
Look at this: http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/cpp/cpp_mfc/
And this: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dialog/
(These are not related searches, but see the big difference)

9. No monthly competition categorization. Does not show if particular article won prize.

10. The 'Code' does not stand out. It's almost of same color. Look at CP's 'Code' of any article. They also support 'Collapse/Expand’!

11. In CP, from particular article, you can also see other relevant articles. Where is that in CG??

12. No emphasis is given to the author - small photo, no details, no relevant articles, no prize winner specification...

All in all CG articles are full of small sized unreadable articles, which seem like gibberish content, in pile of ads.

Mr. Bradley Jones, it's high time that you help us and help codeguru!