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    Javascript for blocking keystrokes


    Can anyone help me with javascript for blocking Ctrl-N keystroke. I want to ensure that user will not be able to open a new IE window by pressing Ctrl-N


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    Re: Javascript for blocking keystrokes

    Why don't you want to prevent people from opening up a new IE window ¿

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    Re: Javascript for blocking keystrokes

    Did you search Google first? A simple search returned the following: http://forums.devarticles.com/javasc...ning-7531.html

    Just a small clarification...Even though you can block keystrokes, you cannot block the menu nor context menu from providing you with new window options.
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    Re: Javascript for blocking keystrokes

    If you want to have only one instance of your application per user, then you can set a flag in your database when a user logs in, and remove that flag when he logs out. When he tries to log in , you check if the flag is set or not. If the flag is set, you branch the user to a default screen saying "you are already connected".

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