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Today almost all web sites are designed to operate on a desktop or laptop computer. According to the Mobile Data Association, "by 2010 more people are predicted to access the internet on a mobile device than a traditional desktop PC". Anyone operating marketing, ecommerce, information or entertainment web sites now needs to consider the mobile phone when designing content and services.

New mobile devices are released every week with their users expecting compelling mobile web sites to access on the move. In order to deliver the best possible experience it is important for your web site to know what these devices are and what they are capable of. The good news is that this task is now made more easy and effective by has released free open source .NET Mobile API for developers. It allows Visual Basic and C# developers to benefit from the extensive mobile device information available in WURFL which is also used by BBC, Bank of America, MySpace and Admob among others. The solution integrates seamlessly with an existing .NET web site and does not require any changes to your existing pages. Mobile specific landing pages can be written using standard .NET controls automatically redirecting mobiles to appropriate content.

Download API Source From:

Key Benefits:
· Open Source & Free
· Seamless Integration With Your Existing Microsoft .NET Web Site
· Use a Single Web Address For Both Current & Mobile Web Sites
· Multi Threaded
· Memory Efficient
· Quick & Accurate

If you’re developing mobile websites and struggling with the variety of mobile devices let manage it for you. It will reduce development time, uses device data you can trust and leaves you free to focus on delivering an amazing mobile experience.

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