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Thread: Where to begin?

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    Talking Where to begin?

    I am lost in all the information I've read about in this site,WoW! Which is the best way to start to learn all this? I have dipped into SQL's, HTML, JAVA, web 2008, Visual's 2005,2009, 6.0, Office 3.1, Adobe, etc... I have just enough info to keep my lappy(Lap-top) up and running, but now I see there's alot more to learn out there than just fixing my Lap-top. I would like to learn how to make programs, graphix, basic codeing. The problem is my head is spinning and I'm getting nowhere. Are there video's, step's, ebooks, etc.. At this point I'm stuck on basic programing and the knowledge on how to get access to learn what I want to do, but it's all stuck on theory mode, due to the fact that I simply do not know how to combine what I know and put it to use.
    Furthermore, I don't know what's the difference(if any) between SQL's,.Net's frame works, etc... Basically because office3.1 does about the same actin's as web express 2008,or vb6.0; it all seem's as if you can do it all in one program. Should I start with Java, or is it better to learn syntax before codeing etc.. I need to start out at about a 3rd grade computer class; hope that gives you an idea at where I'm at.

    have a good one

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    Re: Where to begin?

    Not at all, as I'm concerned.
    You sound like you better take some holiday first and then get on finding out what you actually want.

    Many structures based on operating system resources like graphics or file system are functionally the same within any programming language, even if their representation might vary depending on the language you choose to write.

    I don't know what basic knowlegde your 3rd grade computer class has resulted in. There is much theoretical knowledge as well as practical information which make a profound knowledge for becoming a programmer. In fact, today the amount of information seems enormous and one has to look where to go. If you plan to go on the web platform, HTML (or XML) and Java, maybe PHP too, are for starters.
    Planning to write computer based applications i'd recommend a modern language like C# and learn this excessively until you are relly good in it. After having learned this you have got plenty of basic information into you, and can always decide to look into other language concepts.

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