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    Thumbs up I need help: CS110 Furniture Inventory Assignment

    CS110 Fund of Comp Prog
    Assignment 4: Furniture Inventory
    Points Possible: 35
    5 points for an input file description with all input fields
    correctly described
    5 points for a printer spacing chart as described in the
    5 points for a hierarchy chart showing the major tasks,
    subtasks, etc.
    10 points for a flowchart that correctly describes the logic
    of the program
    10 points for the pseudocode algorithm that correctly
    describes the logic of the program

    The sales manager of the Couch Potato Furniture Company maintains an
    inventory file that includes data about every item it sells. The manager wants a
    report that lists each stock number, description and profit, which is the retail
    price minus the wholesale price. Input will consist of the stock number,
    description, wholesale price and retail price. Use an eof loop to process all
    the records in the file.

    Create an input file description, printer spacing chart, hierarchy chart, flowchart
    and pseudocode algorithm for this program.

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    Re: I need help: CS110 Furniture Inventory Assignment

    What 'help' do you need? Nobody on here is going to just do your homework for you. What part are you stuck on?

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