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Thread: VB6 Color Palette Control / List Box

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    Re: VB6 Color Palette Control / List Box

    Hi Neil,

    Its really easy to add the Color Property Page to your UserControl. The last part to do is populate the colors.

    In your UserControl there is a PropertyPages property which when you click the elipsis it brings up a dialog where you can check the box to add the Color property page tab to your UserControl. The dialog is captioned as "Connect Property Pages". Also in there will be your custom property page if any exist.

    I have added two forms of property page type to my usercontrol project and also the Color Property Page as you can see in my attached screenshot.

    In the code behind view you can use the Tools > Procedure Attributes... to associate your property with the desired property page.


    Ps, this is my custom property page dialog as you can see only Column Header and Icon Imagelist tabs
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