I was given the preorder sequence --> * + / a b c - d e

I was told to draw a binary expression tree which I completed and received the following tree
                                          /       \
                                        +           -
                                     /    \       /   \
                                   -       c    d     e
                                 /   \
                               a      b
I was then asked two questions about the tree. Is this tree unique?

unique defined as --> A tree for a sequence is not unique if given that (here, preorder) sequence it is possible to generate a different tree

Do preorder traversal's generate unique trees? why or why not.

The same thing was asked about inorder traversals , but given the following sequence.

a - b * e + c + b
Pay attention to operator precedence, if applicable.

The expression tree I got was as follows
                                          /       \
                                        +           b
                                     /    \    
                                   -       c   
                                 /   \
                               a      *
                                     /    \
                                   b      e
Is this tree unique?

Do inorder sequences produce unique trees? why or why not.

I have no clue whether the trees are really unique, because I can find another tree that will generate the same value, but will not have the same preorder sequence.

Any input is well appreciated, THANK YOU.