I have an arraylist which has a list of structures stored in it
Now i need to store these structures in a database, where each structure has its own line.

public struct BackupSpecEntry
public string path;
public string inclExcl;
public byte inclExclFlags;
public bool indexContents;
public int serverBackupSpecId;
public int freq;
public int retention;


public BackupSpecEntry(string Path, string InclExcl, byte InclExclFlags, bool IndexContents,
int ServerBackupSpecId, int Freq, int Retention)
path = Path;
inclExcl = InclExcl;
inclExclFlags = InclExclFlags;
indexContents = IndexContents;
serverBackupSpecId = ServerBackupSpecId;
freq = Freq;
retention = Retention;

My arraylist is ArrayList backupSpecList = new ArrayList();

how to store this in a database....