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    <img src="... not always working!

    On my website I have several images showing, depending on the page.
    The images are not locally stored, the html img tags reference remote servers.
    The problem is that they don't always show.

    Ive tried putting a random "?rand=123" value in the URL to prevent caching - no success.
    If I copy the image links to another browser tab they show up and then refreshing the first page, the images come up immediately.

    can someone please help?

    With regards, S.Einarsson

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    Re: <img src="... not always working!

    Well - difficulty to say anything about - but from my perspective right now it sounds more like a browser problem then anything else.

    Is the behavior the same across different browsers and clients?

    Try using FireFox (if you don't already) and install FireBug or similar tool and inspect the image elements which doesn't show the image correct, to see if there perhaps is something wrong with the image tag, which can help you debug your way forward.

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    Jul 2009

    Re: <img src="... not always working!

    thanks Alsvha

    Ive tried, IE, Firefox, G-Chrome, its same problem with each browser. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. For same page some images may display and some not.

    I installed firebug since you recomended it. When I hoovered over the img tag in firebug the image came up but still it was not on the actual page displayd in the browser.

    Maby I should have all images locally on the webserver and not referencing them on remote server .... I dont like the idea though.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

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