WPF DataGrid without database
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Thread: WPF DataGrid without database

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    Question WPF DataGrid without database


    I would like to populate WPF DataGrid with data that my program generates on the fly and without a database or a file. Could you suggest me how to do it?

    Tips, hins, references, insight are all appreciated!

    - Nick

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    Re: WPF DataGrid without database

    You can simply bind it to an object, or a collection of object (the best is ObservableCollection<>), or you can bind it to a dataset which you will fill "on the fly". Usage of datasets is not limited to database.
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    Re: WPF DataGrid without database

    Thanks! Based on your suggestion I've found this blog entry: http://blogs.msdn.com/scmorris/archi...-datagrid.aspx

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