I'm developing a webshop; i've to track the user's activities within the webshop.
I am totally new to this, i have the following in mind: I'll use a PHP script to create a XML document on the server, the name of the XML file is the ID of the PHP Session of the user. When the user browses the webshop; an AJAX function will check the content op the XML file and when users add a product to their carts an PHP function will write that information in de XML file. To make a long story short: I'll use a PHP script to create an XML file that will be used as a shoppingcart. i'll use a AJAX function to read out the information in this "shoppingcart". When the session ends or the user orders the products; the data will be stored in the mySQL database for permanent storage.
I am curious what yoou guys think about this system. I hope i've made myself understandable.