I have the following scenario:

I have built a form preview using scrollbar and picturebox. Within this picture box control, I have ten other picture boxs (let's call them cards). Each card has 4 labels and two image boxes. Yes. Imagine you are printing a series of ten ID badges. Each badge has a barcode and a picture plus names, etc.

The preview works. The problem is printing. I snatched some code from MSDN which uses SendMessage to grab the child content of a picture box. I was able to verify that each card is built correctly. I was able to use SavePicture to save each card as a bitmap and I was able to view th bitmaps.

However, when I try to do the same with the preview picture box, all I can get was an almost empty picture with just the card pictureboxes. There is nothing inside each card.

Any ideas, VB6 gurus?

I don't really need the preview window, all I have trying to do is to print 10 ID Cards to the printer. Each card has a picture, a barcode bitmap and some labels.

Using form.PrintForm is out since the form is bigger than the screen.

I have been banging my head as to why the graphics are missing for a l-o-n-g time. Any suggestions are more than welcomed.