PE Explorer 1.99 R6 has been released. This is a maintenance release which fixes several issues in the earlier releases. There're also new options in the Disassembler and Resource Editor.

Download the latest PE Explorer:

For an overview about new and existing features, please see:

PE Explorer offers editing and analysis tools for exploring the contents of EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and other 32-bit executable file formats. Functions include disassembly and modification of properties of executable files. Enjoy the comfort of being able to have all the necessary tools in one simple, clean interface.

What you can do with PE Explorer:

- See what's inside an executable
- Track down what a program accesses and which DLLs are called
- Understand the way a program works and interacts with others
- Validate and verify signed PE files
- Open UPX-, Upack- and NsPack-compressed files seamlessly in PE Explorer, without long workarounds.

Key features:

- Export/Import Viewer
- API Function Syntax Lookup
- Resource Viewer and Editor
- Section Viewer and Editor
- Disassembler
- Removal Tools
- Digital Signature Viewer
- Dependency Scanner
- Automatic UPX, Upack and NsPack unpacking

Product website: