Hello everyone,

I am a newbie on CR and got some problem I can't solve myself. I am using CR 8.5. I have a .rpt file, which uses data from a database. So I have written a program in VB.NET which uses that file and exports data to pdf. The problem is that exported pdf file is formated with my computer regional settings. I mean all the fields in the database written as money is formated by adding a currency symbol at those fields, used in report. But, when viewing report from the CR itself - everythign is good - no currency symbols are added. The only solution I found is to manualy change currency symbol to space through Control panel, what gives the required effect. But I'd like to do it programmatically. Here's what I've tried:
- tried to change SELECT sentence in .rpt document, where I wanted to convert currency fields to srings. Failed. Don't know why.
- tried to change Formula fields, where I used CStr function to convert that field to string like this: CStr (Sum ({@nett value}, {delv.delvno})). I successfully changed that function, but problem didn't solved.
- tried to change vb.net program's locale and set the currency symbol to none, but failed - it seems that when calling rpd.export () other thread or even process is called.
- tried to check off Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > User DSN property: "Use regional settings when outputting currency, numbers, dates and times"
- lots of hours doing soemthing else I even don't remember..
And I really gived it up. I am not able to change fields type in database itself. I believe there's the simple solution, but I really can't find it out, so would anyone mind helping me to do that?
If I didn't mentionened anything important, required to solve this problem, please let me know.