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    .MC file and Event Viewer: Placeholders for Categories?


    I am using MFC in order to throw events in a custom event log of the windows
    event viewer. I am using a .MC file where I store the Categories and the
    message definitions used for the events fired on the event viewer.

    .MC contains only one message definition since I use a placeholder (%1) in
    order to load the messages dynamically from my application.



    I want to do the same with the Categories but I could not find how I can
    add a placeholder for them. So, now I use static messages in the Categories
    which are contained in .MC file.

    MessageId = +1
    SymbolicName = CATEGORY_ONE
    Severity = Success
    Language = English
    Category One

    But I want to load strings dynamically from my application and not
    statically from the .MC file. Something like this for example:

    MessageId = +1
    SymbolicName = CATEGORY_ONE
    Severity = Success
    Language = English

    How can I do it?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: .MC file and Event Viewer: Placeholders for Categories?

    Hello again,

    I just want to make myself a bit more clear:

    I use the ReportEvent function
    (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...8VS.85%29.aspx) in order
    to fire events in the Event Viewer.

    The 4th argument of the Report Event is:
    dwEventID [in] The event identifier.The event identifier specifies the entry
    in the message file associated with the event source.

    The 8th argument is:
    pStrings [in] A pointer to a buffer containing an array of null-terminated
    strings that are merged into the message before Event Viewer displays the
    string to the user.

    So, I use the function in that way:

    ReportEvent( hEventLog, //event log handler
    CATEGORY_ONE, //SymbolicName of a category defined in .mc file
    MSG_INFORMATION, //SymbolicName of the message definition defined in .mc file
    userPSID, //current user's security identifier
    1, //Number of strings to be logged
    sizeData, //size of the binary data
    logStr,//message shown in the event description.It is the data placed on %1
    (LPVOID) BinaryData) //binary data

    The logStr is provided by the application or by the application's .rc file,
    so there is the possibility that the
    app supplies the text to the event viewer. But does not this possibility
    exist for the event category as well?

    Thank you!

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