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Thread: ctype doesn't work properly

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    ctype doesn't work properly

    hi all, i've got a problem here whereby my ctype doesn't work.

    firstly, to replicate my case briefly, i've created an extension of control class
    <extension()> public function getheight(byref control as Control) as integer
    return control.height
    end function
    and i have this function that doesn't work
    public sub dostuff(byref control as Control)
    dim father as object
    father = ctype(control.parent, Control)
    father.getheight 'compiler writes: Panel class doesn't support getheight, but I've already converted it to a Control with CType!
    end sub
    of course if i dim father as Control it works perfectly, but in my case father may be other objects as well that aren't controls so I had to dim father as a general object, is there a fix so i could properly convert father into a Control object?

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    Re: ctype doesn't work properly

    ok let me rephrase my question. all i need is to be able to change the Panel type into a Control type, arg i cant seem to find a solution for this

    dim test as CType(testpanel, Control))
    msgbox(typename(test)) ' i dun get it, how can typename of test give me Panel when i explicitly call it to be converted to a Control type?
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