Hello everybody!
I study in university on the course of Medialogy. We have a project dedicated to interactive sound installation and computer vision. Core of our project is to generate signal through openCV and send it to audio program, in our case Ableton Live.

First approach that we tried was send signal through opensoundcontrol library, but we had difficulties with installing it. This is our first project so we are not familiar with many things yet. Maybe if somebody could point to any tutorial on how to instal OSC we would really appreciate. So basically we gave up with this idea and tried something else.

Second thing that we tried to do is to generate midi signal through C++ code and send it over rewire to Ableton Live. And again we meet a lot of difficulties with choosing and installing right midi libraries.

I want to ask for some help with choosing better and easier method, and some useful links to implement our project.

Best Regards