Ok, I'm trying to create a game launcher with auto-update function. What I had in mind:

- The updater should connect to the internet and do an md5-sum of the Data directory on a webserver.
- Also do md5-sum on the Data directory in C:\Program Files\Chronicles.
- No match = download remote Data directory.

However, I want this as well:
- When running the md5-sums, fill up a progressbar. So when sums are done, progressbar is full.
- When downloading, fill up another progressbar. So when done downloading, progressbar is full.

When I say directory, I mean the whole directory, not a single file (some people misunderstood that :P). And if it is easier to check the size of the directories, then that is fine too.

And please keep in mind I'm a beginner regarding winsocks and APIs.