Berry 3.0
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Hi, my name is Caleb Nelsen and I am a high school student who wants to make an operating system.

The operating systems name is Berry 3.0 (Berry 3.0 being the 'ultimate' version).

Stage - Start up:
- So about a month and a week ago or so, I was talking with my friend Tollef and decided that I wanted to make an operating system, named after this kid who's nickname is Berriolous, because it was a funny nickname, the name became the inspiration for the project; Tollef hasn't been helping out much, but I told him to learn some C++, hopefully he's doing that. You may have seen a similar post on

State - Dark Ages:
- Currently I am located in the Dark Ages of the project. My skills are not professional, they are amateur.

- I have begun a website for Berry 3.0 by creating the layout, and adding splices with attached links which are not yet active seeing as I am not ready to purchase a domain and load the webpage yet. It is looking very good, some of my best work.

- I have created the Box Logo in which Berry 3.0 will be shipped out/sold in stores. It took some time, but with the help of Distort I was able to manipulate the image to be a box.

- I have no knowledge of any coding obviously. That is a major reason why I am here, I would like to ask if anyone wanted to help contribute to this project as a coder, help me with graphical images/interface, and concepts.

- I have a lot of really good concepts that do not yet exist in the Operating System and Hardware industry.

- I am currently begging work on the Desktop Icon for Berry 3.0.

- I am currently begging on legal work for Berry 3.0.

Stage - Help:
- Would anyone like to join this project within the next month or two?
- Would anyone like to contribute any ideas to go into the operating system?

Stage - Other Thoughts:
- Am I crazy for trying this?
- Was I rude?
- Please give me some feedback, thank you.

Thank you once again for reading, I hope there are quite a few people who would like to contribute maybe an hour or two hours a week to this project once I start it up. Feel free to leave your comments because they are much valued at this moment.

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Thank you for your time, I can explain the project more once I have finished the legal work.