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Thread: School Project Advice.

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    School Project Advice.

    Hey, firstly I'm new to this forum so Hi

    Basically, I'm sitting my Advanced Higher Computing this year (Scottish qualification) and we are required to just write any program we like so long as it contains the necessary techniques and that.

    We're taught in Visual Basic, but next year I'll be studying Games Technology where I'll be learning C++, so I figured why not get a head start and learn enough to do my school project.

    However, I don't know much about the language so I was wondering if anyone can recommend any books and/or development environments.

    The project will be very simple to everyone on this forum, just needs to contain some things like 2d arrays, saving/loading of files, stacks/queues, bubble/simple sorting, binary searching etc etc etc

    So basically the book or website would need to include this although I'm sure in most books thats just under beginner.

    ummm, It seems to be that Visual Studio is the best option for a D. Environment???

    And just in case it helps, past projects have been things like poker games, minesweeper, theater seat bookers and things like that, if anyone has an idea I could implement let me know

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    Re: School Project Advice.

    Well, take careful note of any restrictions you might be under. Most of that stuff is trivial in C++. A dynamic 2D array is just a vector< vector<T> >. std::stack<T> and std::queue<T> take care of two more. There's no point in bubble sorting when you have std::sort(), and likewise binary searching can be done (depending on exactly what your goal is) using std::multiset, std::binary_search(), or std::lower_bound().

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